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The Gay Marriage Debate Resolved

This whole gay marriage, no gay marriage thing seems a constant debate. So, I start thus: I am an Orthodox Christian who believes that marriage is a religious sacrament ordained by God, as a bond between a man and a woman. But, to those who support gay rights, don’t be turned off yet. And, to those who are against this initiative, don’t rest easy. I will not say what you think. What is gay marriage? […]

3 Years After Katrina…Already a Distant Memory

On Aug. 29, 2005, the Gulf Coast – and New Orleans in particular – was ravaged by Hurricane Katrina. The low death toll estimate is 1800 people. The high estimate is 4081. It may not be that high…but, I doubt it is as low as the government states. Why would they want us to know how many people perished because of their neglect and ineptitude? The Jewish Mantra has been – “Never Forget.” But, for […]

Americans: Where are Your Priorities?

After six months of fundraising, the candidates for president in 2008 have already raised more than $265 million. No presidential money chase has ever started so quickly. By some predictions, the eventual nominees will need to raise $500 million apiece to compete–a record sum. To find out where all this money is coming from, explore the options to the left. The next campaign finance reports are due to the Federal Election Commission by October 15, […]

Americans Political Priorities

The Log in Our Own Eye – Pt. II

We – Americans – are so busy trying to vilify Iran that we fail to see how we suffer from the same and/or similar ills. For instance, we debate the issue of homosexuality in Iran – and the persecution of homosexuals. Do we not persecute them here, in America? We accuse Iran of having an environment where homosexuals are forced to live lives of secrecy, or face abuse. Are not homosexuals in America abused? Do […]

Christian Hatred: The Forgotten Virtue?

I watched and listened to the speech by President Ahmadenejad today. This posting has nothing to do with the content of his speech at Columbia University. It deals with us – Americans – and our character. I saw with horror, the “angry crowds” (CNN description) of protesters. And, was terrified to see the the association of people who claim to be Christians so charged with anger. Is it the Christian way to be judgmental, or […]

Christian Hatred

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