Travel Ban, Refugees & Christian Ethics

The Travel Ban has stirred a lot of trouble in Donald Trump’s Administration. And, Christians have joined the fray: arguing the positions of Conservatives or Liberals. But, how does the Gospel respond to the travel ban? And, what does the Gospel say to us Christians – regardless of political perspective. During Black History Month, I am reminded of the story of Absolom Jones – the first Black priest of the Episcopal Church. What happened to him…how […]

Travel Ban

Power Politics: Protecting Black Folk for the Next 4 Years…

Making America Great again seems to be about rolling back the gains made by the Civil Rights Movement. Unless we can employ power politics, the next four years will be difficult. But what does that all mean? Malcolm X gave us a framework of that meaning, and in this episode we’ll lay the foundation for protecting the Black Legacy over the next four years while advancing the Cause of Freedom. I’ll be asking your thoughts! So […]

Chicken George Economics for Black Empowerment

Chicken George was instantly my least favorite but ultimately my favorite character of Roots. He seemed to be such a far cry from his grandfather, Kunta Kinte. Yet, he was ultimately the one who was able to achieve what his grandfather couldn’t…his Freedom. What guidance does Chicken George have for us? Do we pursue freedom like Kunta Kinte? Or are we pursuing it like Chicken George? Or, would we admit that we don’t even pursue it anymore? […]

Refocusing the Black Family

How can Black families exercise power? Especially in the present social climate, many of us are left wondering what difference our accomplishments make. In this episode we discuss breaking the hold of Willie Lynch on the Black Family and how we can recommit to freedom. Resources Mentioned in this Episode Text of the Willie Lynch Letter: Note again, the authenticity of this letter has been questioned. Yet if the letter is read, one can see reasons […]

black family

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