My Promise

I will create a seminar, workshop, speech or sermon that will connect with and motivate your group to find deeper purpose for their mission and work, and to have better relationships in their personal and professional lives. Each offering can be tailored towards youth, young adults or adults. I will provide them with actionable ways to deepen their authenticity and boost their effectiveness. I would love to be part of your next event. Contact Me.

Deepen Your Journey

How to enhance your spiritual journey & find deeper purpose for your work in the world.

Travel Well Together

How to foster healthy, productive relationships and come together with different people.

Redeeming the Time

Find purpose to help you overcome negative racial stereotypes & open the way for reconciliation.

Staying on the Path

How to maintain your commitment and continue to #WalkWorthy.


Jabriel Ballantine is the embodiment of “faith in action.” Since 2007, when I first met Pastor Ballantine, his political and activist point of view was anchored in his deep belief in Jesus Christ, and what he felt was a calling to fight for justice.

And although I am now agnostic, I have a guiding belief that there are benevolent energies that guide us, want the highest purpose for our lives and hold a reservoir of goodness that we each may tap into when the climb of life is too steep. I have watched too many people, active in churches, stand silent on bigotry and exploitation of human beings. I have watched too many pastors use gay slurs and say hateful things about our President. It is easy to extrapolate that “all religion is the same.”

But Jabriel uses his faith as the foundation to stand for fairness. He is consistent and his belief in Christianity is impressive. If I were ever to attend church, I would attend Pastor Ballentine’s.

Carmen R.Los Angeles, CA

Jabriel is an absolutely amazing relationship and dating coach.  I feel so grateful to have him.  We start each session with prayer, then include The Lord and His word in our discussions.  He has a relaxed and organic coaching style.  He’s patient, naturally inquisitive, and being coached by him is powerful without being intrusive.  He helps me cut through to the heart of what I value in relationships and infuses my outlook with positivity.  Friendly, relate-able and deeply intuitive, he always has great questions that make me think and meaningful homework assignments that move me forward.  Jabriel is a gifted healer often displaying warmth, understanding and insight, while encouraging me to look ahead and take another brave step forward.  Compassionately wise, Jabriel has gently helped me be honest and accountable to myself while I face some underlying issues which may have, in the past, prevented me from enjoying successful relationships.  With his guidance and encouragement I’m moving in the right direction and look forward to growing with him and The Lord’s help.

Elizabeth J.Philadelphia, PA

Jabriel is committed and knowledgeable in facilitating the process of group development. His recommendations were insightful. His content materials for group value setting followed excellent theories of building buy in and creating collaboration. His presentation materials and style generated interest, understanding, and got the group involved.

Emily B.Washington, DC

Fr. Ballentine’s eastern orthodox religious training combined with his educational knowledge has served him well to use different methods to reach parishioners. I have personally experienced this during his weekly Sunday sermons, bible study and during vestry meetings.  In fact, bible study is not a traditional study of a specific book in the bible.  Fr. Ballentine assigns additional book readings (e.g. The Friend of the Bridegroom, by Sergius Bulgakov) to compliment the biblical text to open our hearts and minds and strengthen our faith. Personally, I have gained a better understanding of biblical husband duties in the area of love. Through Fr. Ballentine’s teaching, for the first time I have a better grasp of what my biblical responsibilities are to truly love my wife. Fr. Ballentine is one of only a couple Episcopal priests I have experienced that encourages you to use your bible during his sermons.  In doing so, I am able to understand the gospel and readings through his sermon. He is eager to listen and adapt to other suggestions on how best to learn biblical text.  He is energetic and enthusiastic about his faith and his responsibilities as a spiritual leader.  This motivates and encourages me to continue my spiritual learning and remain prayerful of everlasting life.

Douglas A.Orlando, FL

Jabriel and I first met at Multicultural Competency training and bonded over our mutual horrified amusement at the lack of multicultural awareness present in the training materials and presentations.  Thus sparked a friendship that I have deeply appreciated over the years as I have wrestled with the implications of my own biases, recognized and unrecognized. Never before have I learned so much or shared such humor-filled, passionate, open, honest – sometimes heated – conversation about race, privilege, and power, particularly as they relate to our vocation and ministry as priests. Jabriel’s much-needed voice is simultaneously authentic and guarded, certain and questioning, humble and powerful, heart-breaking and challenging, comforting and offensive… and yet, such has always been the wonderfully appalling gift of prophets calling God’s people out of the wildernesses of our own sinful human making.

Rev. Chana T.Winchester, KY

He is both leader and led, inspired and inspiring. This balance strikes a chord in the heart of his audience who seeks his wit, wisdom, and candor. He raises important questions as often as he dispels myths in the effort to illuminate the power and reasoning of the human mind. He is not afraid to share his perspective and participate in an open dialogue for the sake of progress and to uphold the principles of education and democracy. I’m honored to recommend him.

El Shaddai G.Alexandria, VA

I was in neutral and just coasting. Since starting to worship at St. John the Baptist and Father Jabriel starts throwing things out there…It challenged me and made me go deeper. I found parts of my spiritual life that were essentially stagnant. It’s a wonder it didn’t stink. Maybe it did and maybe I just wasn’t aware that I stunk. I wanted to refresh and be refreshed and so I started to go deeper. He has challenged me. And in challenging me I’m back to studying. I’m doing more Bible study. I’m reading old books that I had cast aside. Ones that I had given away, I’m buying again. Has it increased my faith? Yes. It has decreased anxiety, anger, frustration, and confusion and brought things into perspective, brought things into focus. The thing that it’s brought into perspective and focus is Jesus. I am a more joyful person now that I’m on the journey to the promised land.

Rev. Pat R.Orlando, FL