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A More Convenient “Truth”

Day 32 – Exodus 31-33 In the reading for this 32nd day of the Bible Challenge, here in the Diocese of Southeast Florida, we are presented with readings from Exodus 31-33.  The appointed selection begins with Moses receiving his final directives from the Lord on how he is to establish the Law that would become the foundation for the people of Israel.  The selection ends with Moses ordering the slaughter of those who disobeyed the […]

How will the world know the Coming One?

Bible Challenge                Day 12 – Genesis 31-33; Psalm 11; Matthew 11 In the reading from the Gospel of St. Matthew, appointed for today through the Bible Challenge, we encounter two of John’s disciples questioning Jesus.  Upon answering their question, He then addresses the crowd – challenging them to consider what they themselves believe about John, and thus about Him.  He warns them by presenting them with His condemnation to those who failed to hear the […]

The Dark Knight, Colorado & The Hope for Conversion Amidst the Chaos

My heart breaks for the victims of the tragic shootings at the screening of The Dark Knight Rises, in Aurora, Colorado.  And, my soul searches for the hope that might be gleaned…after all, that is the task of a minister of the Gospel.  Where do you find hope?  What can you say about the state of our humanity and society, in the face of such evil? Get your Weekly Bread:

Joe Paterno, Penn State & Our Culture of Hypocrisy

With all the talk about the revelations of the Freeh Report on Penn State University, in the wake of the cover up involving university officials, including Coach Joe Paterno, I want us to meditate on what God the Word has to say about this and what this might say about our Society.  What do you think?  Is this simply an isolated incident, or does it bear witness to something greater?  I’d love to hear your […]

Joe Pa

Hypocrisy in Focus: Why do YOU hate Church?

Christian Hypocrisy? Hypocrisy runs rampant. We read headlines of pedophile priests and pastors, and – at least I – become sickened by the fact that so many “men (and women) of the cloth” could be so egregious in tending to the Lord’s flock. I was saying to someone a few days ago: the Church is supposed to be the place where broken people come and find wholeness.  However, so many of us come and become even more […]

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