Donald Trump & the Patriotic UnAmerican

Donald Trump Mad FaceI had to do it: Donald Trump couldn’t get my vote. And I couldn’t not vote. So, I didn’t have a choice: I voted for @MarcoRubio.

I’m not proud of that vote, but I didn’t have a choice: Florida is a closed primary state so I had to vote for a GOP candidate. And as much as I hope @realDonaldTrump destroys the Republican Party so that a true Conservative Party can emerge, I ultimately had to do what I could to salvage the hope that could be “America.”

As a Christian, I believe America is the only Country that could become the Beloved Community. It is the only Country that could become a model of the Kingdom of God on earth. I say that because America is the only Country that is founded upon an ideal. Although it has been a bastardized and misappropriated ideal, that fact remains that in theory America is the only Country where to be an American is not predicated on some ethnic claim of kinship.

In the (myth of the) American ideal, those who hold to its highest Creed are neither “Jew nor Greek (nor Muslim), there is neither slave nor free (nor alien), there is neither male nor female (yet still man and woman); for you are all one” under the bond of that ideal. To be an American is predicated on holding a certain believe about life and how best humanity can live that life in all of its fulness, while not oppressing each other (i.e. infringing upon another’s individual rights). To be an American is to believe in opportunity (i.e. freedom to choose, see Friedman) for all.

America’s is an ideal that people love because in its best light, the ideal states that all are equal under God. It states that we are a people who do not associate with those who believe otherwise. It states that we the people are a people who stand for something greater, and exist as a City on a Hill, shining forth to the world as a beacon of hope that Society could be greater.

To be an American, one cannot support Donald Trump

Donald Trump UnAmericanWhatever his particular benefits, it is obvious that there is a hateful element that exists within Donald’s base of support. Say whatever you like about who is to blame, the pictures, news reports and words of his supporters and Donald Trump himself bear witness to the hateful spirit that exists within his base.


Try these numbers:

  • 20% think ending slavery was a bad idea
  • 31% think Whites are the superior race
    • 31% of Trump supporters and 22% of the GOP electorate think Blacks & non-White people are inferior by virtue of their race!
  • 70% of Donald Trump supporters in South Carolina wish the Confederate Flag were still flying over the Capitol
  • 38% of Trump voters resent that the North won the Civil War
    • 25% of Rubio supporter wish the South had won
  • 33% of Donald Trump (& Ted Cruz) voters believe Japanese internment camps were a good idea

But again, to be an American is supposed to mean an unwavering allegiance to Liberty & Freedom. So how can anyone who believes in Freedom & Liberty associate with so many people who support tyranny and oppression?

We have an interesting habit of playing nice with racism. We don’t agree with it. We disavow it. But we don’t denounce and condemn it, and those who adhere to it. So when David Duke stopped just short of endorsing Donald Trump, media sources wondered why he took so long to disavow the KKK. But very few took serious issue with the weakness of his disavowal.

Donald Trump David DukeThe media hasn’t pressed the issue on why Donald Trump would want KKK support, given their ideology. There has been no condemnation of the group, or other similar groups who hold a similar agenda and heritage. It was left to be simply a matter of taste: (certain) people are free to believe whatever they want to believe in a Free Society, right?

Imagine this: who among us would associate with known Nazis or Nazi-sympathizers?

If you went to an event and noticed that a sizable group of those in attendance (let’s say 70%) wished that Germany still flew the Swastika, would you stay?

If 38% of the people in the room told you they wished Hitler had defeated the Allied forces, would you continue to associate with that group?

If 33% of those who agreed with your Cause also thought it was a good idea to lock up the Jews in concentration camps, would you make apologies for them?

If 31% believed in the concept of a Master (Aryan) Race, would you continue to support that ideology?

If 20% believed that it was a bad idea to stop gassing and burning Jews, and running other experiments on them, would you be voting for their leader?

Yet, somehow it’s ok for people who believe in Freedom to be associated with those who believe in oppression. Somehow, those who say they love America most have completely disregarded the myth of American Exceptionalism. Somehow, Americans are willing to abandon freedom because of racism and xenophobia.

The only thing perfect is Love, because God is love. And therefore, we have ordained and established our Constitution in order to form a more perfect Union: a more godly Union; a more loving Union. We cannot defend the Cause of America and support those who allow hate to gather and fester in the body.

I live in Florida…and above South Florida. And Central & North Florida are more “Southern” than South Florida. So, this is Trump Country. And, Florida will make or break the GOP nominating process. If Donald Trump wins today, he’s likely unstoppable as the Republican Nominee for President.

And with his nomination, any remnant of the myth of American Exceptionalism will be completely discredited. I feel as though I’m watching the Country crumble right before my eyes. It seems Solomon was right: pride and hatred will destroy us. If (when) Donald Trump becomes the Republican Nominee, one half of the Country would have officially abandoned any possible pure intent behind the American ideal. When Trump becomes the nominee it will become clear:

Donald Trump Make America White

“Make American Great Again” does in fact mean “Make America White Again.”

And when that happens, or even when we tacitly agree to aspire to that, we have officially fallen from the Way. So, I had to vote for Marco. They say you shouldn’t talk about religion or politics, yet I – a priest – am going to speak of both, together.

How we vote becomes a testimony of what we believe. Do you believe that America can indeed model the Kingdom of God on earth? The City on a Hill? The Beacon of Freedom? Or is that nothing more than the story we wish to tell ourselves?

And to what else beyond the Kingdom of God could the American ideal point? Is this not our aspiration: to give thanks for the grace that God has shed on America and proclaim His glory by sharing that grace with the tired, poor, huddled masses?

The people of God must not play nice with racism. We must not placate hate. We should not be associated with those who play nice with the Devil, unless our goal is to rescue them from the fire that awaits.

Rethinking the Mandate for President Obama after the Status Quo Election

A polarizing election leaves us polarized in its wake.  On the Left, the stance is that Barack Obama’s victory serves as a mandate.  On the Right, the stance is that the President’s victory is no mandate.  Both sides have arguments to prove their point.

But, what does the reality of a “status quo election” tell us?  With Congressional Approval Ratings at all-time lows and ratings of the Federal Government also at all-time lows, how does one explain the fact that the 2012 Elections resulted in maintenance of the established order?  If Americans are as frustrated with the gridlock in Washington as they say they are, how is it that they elect to keep the balance of power the same?  In the final analysis, we still have a Democrat in the White House, a Democratic Senate and a Republican House of Representatives.

What then is this mandate?

Democrats will tell you that the mandate is for President Obama to charge ahead with his agenda.  They will argue that the election results demonstrate approval by the American people, on the President’s vision for America.  They will point to the 332 – 206 Electoral Vote margin, and call the victory a landslide.  As such, the results stand as proof that the America is clearly in favor of the direction laid forth by Barack Obama and the Democratic Party.

Yet, simply looking at a map of the election results shows us a different picture.  When we glance at this map, we see a divided America…not the clear favor and victorious landslide some would suggest.  We see that a sizable portion of the Country was (and is) not on-board with the agenda.  A large swatch of the American Fabric rejects that agenda.  What is clear, is the general division between the hinterland and the coastal lands.  So with a mere 2.4% separating the popular vote, I can also understand why some would say that this “divided nation did not hand President Obama a mandate in his re-election victory.”

What then is this mandate?

We can (and pundits will) argue this point for weeks and months, never coming to a consensus.  Politics is like that…depending on who does the spinning.  Yet, the lens of the Gospel calls us to begin rethinking the mandate for President Obama after the status quo election.

As Psalm 133 states, “How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!”  It is in through this lens that I began rethinking the mandate given President Obama in light of this status quo election.  It is as if the people issued a mandate for the President and the status quo Congress to go back and find ways to work together.  It is as if the electorate told the President, the Democrat Senate and the Republican House they would not be let off the hook.  Neither would have the opportunity to loose control of either Branch of Government, so they could point the finger at the other.  Neither would be afforded the chance to gain control of either Branch of Government, so they could simply ignore the call to work together.  Both are now stuck with each other.  And, the mandate given Barack Obama is that he must stay, stand and fix the fundamental problem of discord.

Yet, for this to make sense we must begin rethinking the mandate for President Obama after the status quo election.  We the People, on the Right, and We the People, on the Left, must not allow ourselves to be blinded by the pinheaded arguments of pundits who create spin to keep their jobs.  The turn around we need to move forward is of a different sort.  And, those who stood watch as division rose to crippling proportions and profited from the discord must be the ones held accountable.  They must be the ones to lead lead us to that good and pleasant place of unity.

When we rethink the mandate for President Obama, we are not caught in the issues of Right and Left.  Rather, we see that consciously (or, subconsciously) We the People have – indeed – issued a mandate that Barack Obama return to the White House and fulfill his promise to forge “A More Perfect Union.”

The mandate is not of an economic nature.  The mandate is not health care.  The mandate is not jobs.  For neither of these issues, or any other, can be solved if we don’t address the failings of our humanity.

Rethinking the mandate for President Obama after the status quo election begs us to see that the dollars and cents are not as important as our soul…that reconciling our budget is not as urgent as reconciling our spirit – that it might be maintain in the bond of peace.  The division serves to remind us, that we might remind him of his own words at the 2004 DNC Convention: “there is not a liberal America and a conservative America, there is the United States of America.”

What do you say?  I say, the mandate for President Obama is social.  Not social as in social engineering, but social as in how the various members of our Society relate so that out of many we might truly become one.  Will you enforce that mandate?

“How good and how pleasant it is for God’s people to live together in unity!”

The Conundrum of Blackness and Voting When the President is Black

As time winds down on Election 2012 and the race for President of the United States between President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, I wanted to take time to post a few thoughts.  The first, “Negroes, We are Free to Use our Natural Minds” can be accessed here.

Yet, before folk think I’m being partisan and partial…a typical Black arguing for blind support of Barack Obama, I figured I had better post another article to expound upon the complexities with which I’m struggling during this election.

When you are Black, the assumption is that you are voting Democrat…the further assumption is that you are voting for your “soul brother,” Barack Obama.  I mean look: folk damn near lost their minds because Stacey Dash recently endorsed Mitt Romney.

Here’s the problem: if you’re Black and not supporting President Obama, then you’re judged by the Black community.  If you’re Black and supporting the President, then you’re only doing so because he’s Black too.  Either way, one is quickly dismissed to the detriment of debate on the issues and their pertinence to the Black community.

As Frederick C. Harris states in his excellent op-ed, “The Price of a Black President,” “Whether it ends in 2013 or 2017, the Obama presidency has already marked the decline, rather than the pinnacle, of a political vision centered on challenging racial inequality. The tragedy is that black elites — from intellectuals and civil rights leaders to politicians and clergy members — have acquiesced to this decline, seeing it as the necessary price for the pride and satisfaction of having a black family in the White House.”

This is the conundrum of Blackness and voting when the President is Black.

It seems we cannot be critical, because to be critical is to be disloyal.  Beyond simply being disloyal to an individual, to be critical of President Obama’s failings to address issues of import to Black people (or any issue, for that matter) is to be disloyal to Black people!  Note the irony…

The conundrum of Blackness and voting when the President is Black is that we – as Blacks – have relinquished our right to vote, of our own accord.  Other voters are courted.  There are commercials directed to the Jewish vote, to the Hispanic Vote, to the White woman’s vote, to the Blue Collar White Male vote, etc.  The commercials for the Black vote amount to little more than slapping Jay-Z in a commercial.

There’s no talk of issues.  The commercial doesn’t address the President’s plans to deal with economic and societal disparities that diverge on the basis of race.  The ad doesn’t speak of the any efforts to address to School to Prison Pipeline.  No voiceover speaks of President Obama’s efforts to end the War on Drugs that feeds the (for profit) system of Mass Incarceration, that results in more than 60% of American prison population coming from 20% of the total American population.  No one says anything about President Obama’s strategy for ending the “New Jim Crow.”  Jay-Z doesn’t speak of any plan by the President to bring the rate of Black unemployment (double that of White Americans) on par with the mainstream.

Rather, President Obama (and his advisers) still want Blacks to believe that a “rising tide lifts all boats.”  The funny thing is that while Black Americans never accepted President Reagan’s “trickle-down economic theory,” Black people accept the same “trickle-down” ideology when it comes from the mouth of a Black man.

And, this is the conundrum of Blackness and voting when the President is Black.

Because, as we see with Stacey Dash’s endorsement of Mitt Romney, for a Black person to endorse Mitt Romney is for that Black person to draw their very Blackness into question.  Not because of any particular issue.  But, simply because one decided to go against the grain.

Yet just as Jay-Z’s ad lacked substance, so too did Stacey Dash’s endorsement of Mitt Romney.  Nevertheless, she is – indeed – entitled to her opinion…just like the other Black Republicans I know.

I would like to agree with their opinions.  I mean, I myself just laid forth a case against President Obama – and that’s simply on his policies (or, lack thereof) as pertains issues of import to Black people.  That says nothing of my vast disagreements with him on a host of other issues!

If the Republicans had a sensible nominee, I would be all in as well.  But, they sold themselves on a candidate they outright rejected in 2008 simply because polling data showed this candidate could defeat President Obama.  The GOP doesn’t believe in Romney…the GOP simply doesn’t want Obama.

Now, yes, there were some who supported Romney four years ago.  So, they are standing firm.  But, the majority of Republicans rejected the man in whom they so ardently believe, today.  Again, note the irony…

Yet, beyond that, I cannot buy into a candidate whose faith devalues my humanity.  As I stated in an earlier post, I cannot simply ignore the fact that Mitt Romney subscribes to a faith that considers Blackness to be a mark of iniquity.  I mean, the very stereotypes of Black people being “idle, full of mischief and subtlety,” are used to describe those marked by the curse and changed from their “exceedingly fair and delightsome” Whiteness.

So, I’m left to face the conundrum of Blackness and voting when the President is Black.  One holds dear a faith that is dismissive of my equal creation in the Image of God.  The other believes his Blackness is enough for my allegiance.

I pray…I close my eyes…I pull the lever.  God help us all!

Negroes, We are Free to Use Our Natural Minds in Electoral 2012

I continue to receive emails from fellow Black Republicans trying to sell me – and others – on support for Mitt Romney.  The most recent was from the Chair of a Black Republican organization entitled, “Prominent Black Mormons.”  The email (and post) is styled as an attempt to dismiss charges of racism against Mormons.  The defense used by the author is that there are Black Mormons.  Hence the title: “Prominent Black Mormons.”  My response is…SO WHAT?

So, because some Black people decided to ignore the bigoted ideology of the Mormon Church that means Mormon ideology isn’t racist? There were Negroes in the Confederate Army…does that mean the Confederacy wasn’t racist? We must be smarter than this and stop selling ourselves for the crumbs of our (former) masters.

Negroes…we are FREE to use our natural minds! We shouldn’t have to shovel crap any longer. Stature, standing and prestige in the eyes of Whites shouldn’t be of such importance that scholarship, integrity and truth go out the window.

The example that would refute racism in Mormon theology IS NOT the presence (nor absence) of Black people. It would be a refutation of racist scripture in their texts. For instance, from the Book of Mormon, 2 Nephi 5:20-25 states:

20 Wherefore, the word of the Lord was fulfilled which he spake unto me, saying that: Inasmuch as they will not hearken unto thy words they shall be bcut off from the presence of the Lord. And behold, they were cut off from his presence.

21 And he had caused the cursing to come upon them, yea, even a sore cursing, because of their iniquity. For behold, they had hardened their hearts against him, that they had become like unto a flint; wherefore, as they were white, and exceedingly fair and delightsome, that they might not be enticing unto my people the Lord God did cause a skin of blackness to come upon them.

22 And thus saith the Lord God: I will cause that they shall be loathsome unto thy people, save they shall repent of their iniquities.

23 And cursed shall be the seed of him that mixeth with their seed; for they shall be cursed even with the same cursing. And the Lord spake it, and it was done.

24 And because of their cursing which was upon them they did become an idle people, full of mischief and subtlety, and did seek in the wilderness for beasts of prey.

25 And the Lord God said unto me: They shall be a scourge unto thy seed, to stir them up in remembrance of me; and inasmuch as they will not remember me, and hearken unto my words, they shall scourge them even unto destruction.

I have fervently searched for a refutation of Joseph Smith and this passage.  I have found none.  If you know of any, please post it to the comments!  Nevertheless, this passage remains in Mormon Canon.

Forget the fact that Mormons…the descendants of Moroni (the Mormon prophet – NOT Jesus), son of Mormon, believe themselves to be descendants of Jacob – and a lost tribe of Israel – who migrated to the Americas in the 600s BCE. According to their theology and history, in the 6th century AD, Native Americans came is slaughtered all the Europeans – stealing this land from Whites. Their messianic vision is to reclaim America for “it’s rightful owners” (i.e. White European Americans). Joseph Smith hoped to effect this petit-apocolypse by running for US President in 1844. Herein lies the parallels and problems with Romney’s candidacy – sans a refutation of problematic Mormon theology/ideology. And, Frances, this is not an “angry Black man” speaking…this is Mormon theology that can be researched, traced and verified. For more info, see [amazon_link id=”0670021261″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Diarmaid MacCulloch’s Christianity: The First Three Thousand Years[/amazon_link], pgs. 906-908.

It’s disconcerting that few on the Right – especially Blacks – took no issue with the Mainstream forcing President Obama to refute the Christian Liberation Theology of Rev. Wright, which was the same theology of Dr. King (who Black Republicans love to hail as one of their own), yet we want to silence any who present a similar challenge to the non-Christian Mormon theology. It’s interesting that President Obama was considered ineligible (by some) to stand for the Presidency because he might have been a Muslim, yet faith has no bearing when it comes to Gov. Romney’s (AND Harry Reid’s) Mormonism. And for those who think Mormonism is a “branch” of Christianity, I present Flava Flav: DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE!!!! If they revere a prophet other than Jesus, they cannot be Christian. Moroni is the Mormon prophet, so they are no more Christian than Muslims (who, like Mormons, also believe Jesus to be a prophet – just not the final prophet).

For a group of people who are against paternalistic politics typically exemplified by Democrats, it’s striking that simply because a White person may have marched for Civil Rights, we are supposed to ignore their paternalistic mores. Many have argued in support of Abolition and Civil Rights without believing Black people to be of equal humanity, i.e. [amazon_link id=”1566195519″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Harriet Beecher Stowe[/amazon_link], among many others. Additionally, many in the GOP would argue that by being in the Democratic Party, Blacks have signed up to support their own demise. So, why does the presence of Blacks in the Mormon faith automatically validate Mormon ideology?

Negroes…we are FREE to use our natural minds! We shouldn’t have to shovel crap any longer. Stature, standing and prestige in the eyes of Whites shouldn’t be of such importance that scholarship, integrity and truth go out the window.  We must be smarter…those who struggled before us fought too hard for freedom, for us to simply cede our intellect to the whims of the Mainstream.

This is not to say that Mormons are bad people.  It is a question of where individual Mormons – especially one running for President of all Americans – stand in their “core values.”  The text from the Second Book of Nephi in the Book of Mormon does wreak of racism.  Mitt Romney was a Bishop and President of the Mormon Church.  Eventhough some may say that position might be misinterpreted, he certainly had the gravitas to make profound statements refuting various doctrine that are degrading to the humanity of individuals.  Yet, no one has yet posed that question and challenged Governor Romney.  Moreover, no statement exists from Mr. Romney, refuting the distancing himself from Mormon Scripture on the issue.  Rather, when speaking with the late Tim Russert, Mitt Romney stated he would not distance himself from his faith.  See the video:

So, for Blacks of good sense – and any person of conscience to simply excuse this connection is puzzling.  Maybe some may not see it important enough to sway their vote.  But, surely Blacks of stature within the Republican Party should be faithful to their Charge they have to Keep, and pose the questions that would make Mr. Romney a more viable (and authentic) candidate for Blacks to consider.  This issue is of critical importance, because it shapes the very way policy will be developed.  And, as we have seen by both Parties through the course of history, even well-intentioned policy has the potential to cause harm if not informed by sound ideology at the foundation.  Certainly, we should have answers that satisfy the questions on this issue rather than dancing around it as if it is of no consequence.  We should not simply be rubber-stamping a Party nominee so we may continue to eat from the trough.

Negroes, We are Free to Use Our Natural Minds…let us use them!  (Part II to come…later this evening)

The Turn Around We Need to Move Forward

Just in time for the Presidential election, I was able to upload my sermon given on the Sunday between the Republican and Democratic Conventions.  As we prepare to vote for POTUS, I preach this sermon to encourage us to be the godly conscience of our Nation so that we find the spirit that will truly “turn America around” and move our Country “forward.”