Resurrection Hope for the Church

Church is hard…it is heartbreaking at times. Most times we resolve to simply come for ourselves and not worry about the nonsense happening all around. Often, we allow scribes and Pharisees to seize control and eventually drive us away. Truly, both are tragic. But what can we do?

Well, I try to offer a suggestion this Easter that we might see new life in the Church. What do you think? I’d love to hear from you.

How can Sin & Righteousness Coexist?

Sin is a problem we’ve come to accept in the Church. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people excuse it. They say: “well, the Church is a human institution. So, you have to expect sin to exist in it.”

Well, maybe we should expect sin to be in worldly organizations. But, don’t we say the Church is the Body of Christ? If the Church is the Body of Christ, then it can’t be also a mere “human institution.”

It is impossible for sin to exist in the Body of Christ

1 John 3 tells us that in Jesus there is no sin. And that makes sense, theologically. If what we say about the crucifixion is true, and that Jesus’ death destroyed the power of death over us: only the pure Lamb of God could take away the sins of the world.

If the Church is really the Body of Christ, then there should be no sin in the Church. If the Church is the Body of He in Whom there is no sin, then how can you or I be cool with bringing sin into the place of holiness?

Can sin and righteousness coexist?

If the Church is the Body of Christ and Christ is uncorrupted, then one of two things would happen when sin enters the Church: either sin would be cast out and destroyed, or the Body of Christ would become corrupt. We can look at the Church and see sin seated comfortably in the pews: hypocrisy, manipulation, backbiting & backstabbing, gossip, judgment and all sorts of lawlessness. And because even those who are trying to live according to God’s will have smiled and laughed with sin, it’s like righteousness has made friends with sinfulness! #Inconceivable!

Love and hate can never be friends. One will always defeat the other. Jesus has come to defeat sin, but for some reason we want to resurrect sin and keep it with us, while smiling in the face of righteousness. We kiss Jesus, professing our love for Him, while betraying Him like Judas.

The Christian faith is so much more than make believe! Shouldn’t we seek an authentic faith where the Body of Christ is what we really are – not just a name we’ve given to ourselves that lacks meaning?

I would like to share some of my thoughts on sin in the Church. I would love to hear your reflections, thoughts, feedback. Let’s talk about sin in the Body of Christ!

The Reality of Resurrection

If we do not believe in the reality of the Resurrection, then we have a figurative faith in a figurative Savior, and have NO Redemption for our REAL sins. Let us realize, then, the REALITY of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ!