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Saved and Sanctified: But, I don’t wanna Die!

They’re saved and sanctified. You know that person…the one who’ll try to convince you how committed they are to Jesus Christ. They are so in love with Jesus Christ and always want to tell you have they’ve been saved and sanctified. But, what does that actually mean? Through the Bible, we know that Brother or Sister so-and-so is not the first one to be so sure of their love for Jesus. Yet, what happens when […]

Saved and Sanctified Ones

At Death: How will you be remembered?

Death is a reality none of us really want to deal with. We tend to think we will have all the time in the world. No need to “get right” now. We think we can wait until later in life to make things right. Maybe it’s because we don’t really believe in heaven and hell? We sho nuff don’t want to talk about either of them. (I spoke about hell once in a sermon and was […]

The Death of God

Like Judas: They Walk the Way of Evil

Judas betrayed Jesus. Jesus knew it was going to happen. Yet, he never stopped Judas. More than that, Jesus fed Judas and washed his feet before Judas went to complete his betrayal. Why in the world would Jesus allow this to happen? Jesus gives us plenty of opportunities to do the right thing. But we don’t want that. We prefer wickedness. The crazy thing about this, is that Judas was a disciple. Judas took the […]

Judas and Betrayal

Folk Can’t WAIT to Crucify Jesus!

For some reason, folk can’t contain themselves. We can’t wait to crucify Jesus! I know: you’re like “what is he talking about?” And, you might want to simply dismiss me right now. But, I bet if you hear me out you’ll find something worthwhile. You see the interesting thing about Palm Sunday is that the very people who praised Jesus when He entered Jerusalem were the exact same people who later cried: “crucify Him! Crucify […]

The Death of God

Poor People: A Disease no Christian Would Touch?

Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead… I’ve read that passage many times before. It seems so plain, right? I mean…miraculous – yes. Here is a man, Lazarus, who had be dead. The mystery that reveals, I tried to capture in a poem I describe here. You can listen to a sample of that poem and download my poetry album here. Yet, this miracle isn’t my focus here. Instead, I was struck by the disciples’ hesitance […]

Poor People and Raising Lazarus

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