Baptism & Confirmation Class Outline

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Module 1 Class Syllabus
Unit 1 Class Syllabus
Module 2 What is Christianity?
Unit 1 Readings for "What is Christianity?"
Unit 2 For the Life of the World...? Huh?
Unit 3 What is the Christian Mission?
Unit 4 Giving Thanks for All Things
Unit 5 So...What is Christianity?
Module 3 What is Baptism & Confirmation?
Unit 1 Readings for "What is Baptism & Confirmation?"
Unit 2 Born of Water and Spirit?
Unit 3 Baptism and the End of Death
Unit 4 Enter the Fields of Thanksgiving
Unit 5 So...What is Baptism & Confirmation?
Module 4 What Does it Mean to be Baptized & Confirmed?
Unit 1 Readings for What Does it Mean to be Baptized & Confirmed
Unit 2 What do Christians Proclaim?
Unit 3 Fulfilling the Christian Mission in a Secular World
Unit 4 To Live a Life of Virtue...
Unit 5 It is right, and a good and joyful thing...
Unit 6 So...What does it mean to be Baptized & Confirmed?