Jewish or Samaritan

We have this deep desire to be special…to be chosen.

You’ve heard it: “many are called…few are chosen!” We pride ourselves on being “in with the in crowd.” That is a character of our Society, and it spills over into our religion.

We have spent centuries building the image that the Jews are God’s “chosen people.” And because they are chosen, there is something supposedly special about being Jewish. So, Western Christians hope to be “in with the in crowd” and try to be as close to Jewish as possible.

By being close to Jewish, we too can be God’s “chosen people.” We become special by association. But should that really be our goal?

This is the problem with chosenness. We put blinders on and misunderstand what is meant by chosenness, when it comes to the things of God. Chosen for what?

Jewish or SamaritanBecoming Jewish is not our goal, because the journey of faith shows us how the chosen ones continuously got it wrong. They were forgetful…they were ungrateful…they were unfaithful.

God wasn’t good to them because they were Jewish. God was and is good because God IS GOOD. Rather than being chosen because they are Jewish, the Israelites were chosen to be an example of God’s love and mercy, despite our unfaithfulness.

Now, Jesus Himself acknowledges that salvation is of the Jews. So, this is not an anti-Jewish post nor am I anti-Jewish. Yet this statement by Jesus is not meant to say that we are saved because we are Jewish, or closely associated with Jews. What it does mean is that the truth was revealed to the people of Israel and through the Jewish faith – whether they understood that revelation of not.

However, the true worshipers won’t worry about being Jewish. Rather, they will worship the Lord in spirit and in truth (cf. John 4:23). So, let us be struck by the word of God so that our thirst would be quenched! Instead of trying to be Jewish, let us be like the Samaritans. Being in the in crowd won’t save us. Listen here, to see what I mean…

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