In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.  One God.  Amen.

Recently, the FDA paved the way for genetically modified salmon to hit the market.  Now, further we tumble into the rabbit hole.


Genetically Modified Salmon?  Really?!

The fish, apparently live in a solution containing a growth hormone.  Now, is it not interesting that fish growth hormone to grow a bigger fish faster for production’s sake is looked at so much differently from a human growth hormone to grow bigger athletes faster for production’s sake?  Hmmm…..

Moreover, we tell our children (in the wake of the HGH “explosion” in professional sports) that human growth hormone is bad for their bodies.  But, now we are telling society-at-large that it is safe for their bodies, to eat a modified fish treated with growth hormones?

On the one hand, our Government is investigating and chastising growth hormone in professional as bad thing.  On the other hand, our Government is paving the way for food raised in growth hormone to be served to us as a good thing.  How can this be?

Genetically Modified Salmon?  Really?!

We are a funny people…peculiar actually.  For, we are the ones who by into the soap opera of real life.

Maybe it is because modified fish seems so remote…so distant…so far removed from us that our “leaders” are willing to sacrifice us – the ones they should be serving – as guinea pigs for AquaBounty’s gain?  Maybe we all have lost our conscience?  Truly, humanity sicut deus rules the day!

Can our greed be so much that we must deny the fullness of creation?  I wonder, do we think of the theological implications of our actions?

Genetically Modified Salmon?  Really?!

In Genesis 1:31, our God looks at creation and sees that indeed everything was very good.  Did He not create the fish of the sea and ordain how many ought to be?  Must we genetically modify them, to produce more than He ordained…faster than He ordained?  Is His Divine Providence not enough?  Is that not what we say?

Yes, our over-fishing may have caused limited quantities, and this act is your effort to bring balance.  But are not both acts being done to the same side of the equation: that of the fish?  How can it be that after subtracting from the side of the fish, nothing be subtracted from our side?  And, what mathematics exist where balance can be found when multiple acts are performed on one side of the equation?  It seems as though many of us are afflicted by fuzzy mathematics!  We must come into balance with creation.

Deeper than the public debate will go, this act of genetically modification says that God’s creation was lacking.  It says that the Divine Architect who designed the heavens and the earth, and all that are in both, was short-sighted!  Heaven Forbid!

[amazon_link id=”080068303X” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Creation and Fall (Dietrich Bonhoeffer Works, Vol. 3)[/amazon_link]For, if we believed God to be our Creator, would we find ways to circumvent His Providence?  Or, would we conform our productive and consumptive desires to His Image (humanity in the Imago Dei) and Likeness?


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