Christian Hypocrisy?

Hypocrisy runs rampant. We read headlines of pedophile priests and pastors, and – at least I – become sickened by the fact that so many “men (and women) of the cloth” could be so egregious in tending to the Lord’s flock.

The hypocrisy in discerning who is faithful

I was saying to someone a few days ago: the Church is supposed to be the place where broken people come and find wholeness.  However, so many of us come and become even more broken.

I think of the woman, several years ago, who greeted me on Sunday morning by asking: “do you belong here?”  I consider the campus chaplains whose “schedules did not permit” them time to minister to me, as I battled the culture-shock and home-sickness I experienced during my freshman year of college.  I could think of so many more instances, all leaving a bad taste in my mouth.

More and more, Church seems like a place where people go to be broken.  Rather than sharing the revolutionary Jesus that came to upset the status quo, we seemingly welcome the moneychangers into the Temple – in Jesus’ Name.

What about you?  What’s your story? What’s been your experience with Christian Hypocrisy?


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