Why You Should Be Committed to Lifelong Dating After You’ve Found Your Life Partner

I think our perception on dating is shortsighted. When we speak of dating, most of the time we think of single people. But what about lifelong dating? What is that and why is it important? Guys: do you remember what it was like to court your lady? What you did to get her to want to […]

Marriage: Sex, Obedience and Love in Salvation

http://ow.ly/1Xf7Os If you are married or hope to be married this book is for you; if you’re preparing for marriage or tending to your marriage you will definitely want to read this text. On Marriage and Family Life is a collection of sermons by St. John Chrysostom on various biblical texts that teach about marriage and […]

Marriage and Family Life

The Gay Marriage Debate Resolved

This whole gay marriage, no gay marriage thing seems a constant debate. So, I start thus: I am an Orthodox Christian who believes that marriage is a religious sacrament ordained by God, as a bond between a man and a woman. But, to those who support gay rights, don’t be turned off yet. And, to […]