Diversity for real?

Diversity scares people. Diversity also encourages people to celebrate prematurely.

People enter diverse settings and walk on egg shells. No one wants to ask the hard questions or have the difficult discussions. Isn’t it enough to be thankful that we can sit in a room together, some might ask.

Diversity for real?Like a Benetton commercial, we imagine that simply by holding hands and smiling with each other we have achieve the Dream of reconciliation. And these symbolic gestures become the extent of our work. The reality is something to which we turn a blind eye.

Diversity is often a gift that is wasted

Diversity gives us an opportunity to show our commitment to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It’s easy for us to “love” those who look like us. Jesus Himself tells us this. The real challenge of Christianity is to love “the other.” Diversity gives us a chance to work at loving the other deeply and truly. Diversity helps us to have boldness before God when we die.

We are on this journey together and must find a way to make it, together. I’d love to travel this journey with you. I’d love to have you travel with us on this journey.


Listen here to hear what the Word says about the gift of diversity:

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