Here we are, in time and space, looking to life after Trump…

While the saga isn’t over, and I don’t count him out yet, it looks like Trump won’t be able to steal this election. But regardless of the outcome, our task remains the same:

How do we create a reality where the Mattering of Black Life is a foundational given?

Are we to simply trust the Biden Administration? Or are we to get involved in the healing of America?

We know that White America does not have the solution that will bring healing.

We know White America doesn’t yet really see the need to abandon white supremacy…doesn’t even understand how far white supremacy goes, beyond crass language and violence. We know that Whites on the Left are no less white supremacist than Whites on the Right.

Do we just stick to ourselves? What is the proper way to engage with America?

While we were yet sinners, Jesus Christ died for us

And I can hear one of my friends who struggles with faith, “I ain’t trying to be like Jesus toward White people.”

I get it…it seems like a position of weakness. And I am not going to simply say it was a position of strength – which it was/is.

Yet, I will say this: Jesus was under no obligation to come in the flesh.

It is this freedom from obligation that I really want us to look at. So, that’s what we’ll discuss in this session of Bread for the Way.

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