We all know a hopeless romantic. Maybe it’s you…quite possibly it’s me. But, we all know one: that person who tends to fall in love.

Many times our Society criticizes the hopeless romantic. In a culture that is very transient, where we change lovers as often as we change clothes, the hopeless romantic is outside of the norm. The one who believes in love and looks for love is the crazy one. I’m sure: just by reading my words some of you consider me a bit foolish. That’s ok.

Yet, quite possibly the (responsibly) hopeless romantic provides us with the model for that Beloved Community in which Christ calls us to live?

I say the “responsibly” hopeless romantic because there is a danger in naiveté. There is a recklessness in that naiveté that can harm the hopeless romantic, enable relational predators and leave collateral damage in its wake. (There’s so much more to talk about there…don’t you think?)

In my counsel as a relationship coach I help couples embrace the identity of a responsible hopeless romantic. Watch this video for an overview of this theory on the value of the hopeless romantic.


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