How to Become an Effective White Ally

Are you commited to being an effective White Ally?

You have committed to the cause of racial justice and reconciliation. You are aware of your white privilege and how it impacts the other. And, you are aware that a critical need in this cause is to be able to engage other white people in the work of reconciliation. Certainly the social climate shows you we all need to be more effective, right? 

This free eBook will detail THREE STEPS to becoming a better ally...

“Jabriel is a leader in forging deep conversations where truth is found. He is inspiring & informative, challenging & encouraging…He left us wanting even more conversation for life transformation…”  

Bishop Dabney Smith, Episcopal Diocese of Southwest Florida

"He brought wise words to UCF today for our panel discussion on racism. You know you made the kids think when they stick around talking with the panelists for an extra hour! On behalf of the Center for Law and Policy, many thanks."

Dr. Cynthia Schmidt, UCF Center for Law and Policy Director

"Whether it is speaking to a group setting, leading a seminar, or a one to one engagement, you will benefit by sitting under the teaching, coaching and counseling of Jabriel Ballentine."

Dr. Jon Davis, Canterbury Retreat & Conference Center Executive Director