Why You Should Be Committed to Lifelong Dating After You’ve Found Your Life Partner

I think our perception on dating is shortsighted. When we speak of dating, most of the time we think of single people. But what about lifelong dating? What is that and why is it important? Guys: do you remember what it was like to court your lady? What you did to get her to want to be in a relationship with you? I know I do. And, I remember always wanting her time. I wanted nighttime […]

Common Mistakes We Make in Dating

Common (the rapper who somehow became the voice for seemingly every commercial on TV) is reportedly dating Laura Dern. Now, I had no idea who Laura Dern is. I honestly had to Google her. But that’s not the point. The point is the headline for the article I linked above: ‘She’s having fun and seeing where things go’: Laura Dern is ‘dating rapper Common and has already introduced him to her kids’ Now, I’ve always […]

Being Locked Away: The Major Fear of a Man in Relationships

One day, out of no where, I got locked away. In Miami, with no family, I called the only person I could call: the woman I had been dating for a few weeks. That was a fearsome call. You see, we had just met and she had quickly become special to me. After years of poor relationship choices, I felt I had finally turned the page. And I didn’t want to screw up, like I […]

How to Break Free from Bad Relationships

Have you ever been in a relationship you absolutely knew was bad, but couldn’t break free? I know I have. I remember how it feels: you’re not happy…you feel belittled, taken for granted, mistreated, under appreciated, etc. But you can’t end the relationship. You come close to doing it. Maybe even you pull the trigger and do it. Yet, you aren’t strong enough to take yourself seriously. So, you find yourself back with that person […]

Single Women Over 40: Baddest on the Planet?

Kenya Moore seems to think so. Here’s a bit of what she said: You own who you are, you have so much confidence. You’re in a place where you have a career, you have a place, you have money, at this point you should be successful. The problem with this statement is that once you (female or male) have a career…have a place…have money…and are successful, you tend to have too much confidence. So much confidence that […]

Ray Rice, the NFL and America’s Culture of Domestic Violence

I took some time before stepping into the Ray Rice fray. I think it’s quite unfortunate how we have viewed this incident and how we (i.e. Society) have victimized Janay Rice, against her will. Let me be clear: I do not condone what we saw in the video, and I do not make any excuses for Ray Rice.  Yet, in Matthew 18:21-35 Jesus describes a servant who owed a large sum. His master forgives the debt […]