Jah Bread Mission

The mission of JahBread.com is to provide commentary and media, designed to sustain and nourish the people of God, along our journey through this contemporary wilderness. This is done through creating blog postings, books, audio and visual recordings, and other means by which to present content through the various mediums that appeal to mainstream and pop culture America. JahBread.com also serves as the online portal for The Reverend Jabriel Simmonds Ballentine, through which he shares his thoughts and faith, and by which his preaching, teaching and speaking skills may be employed.

JahBread.com is beholden neither to politics (Left or Right), nor economics (socialist or capitalist). Rather, we look at the witness of the Gospel as it applies to a given situation. Our goal is to present a perspective that moves public discourse, thinking and conduct to a higher plane. We believe that God transcends human systems and that all systems will have their flaws, when compared to the Kingdom of God.

The vision of JahBread.com is a world where all are able to know, value and embody the richness of their respective heritage and the fullness of the Imago Dei, in which all of humanity was created.