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Derrick Coleman and the Power that Goes Beyond Duracell

You can certainly understand why this video went viral. Derrick Coleman has a truly inspiring story that can motivate you to do many things. Duracell hopes to showcase Derrick Coleman and his story, so people buy more Duracell batteries. It’s a well done video, but Derrick Coleman is not a battery powered machine, is he? So, does the story of a human really convince you to by Duracell over another brand of batteries? Doesn’t work […]

Derrick Coleman 2

Why I Cheered for Jameis Winston

It’s cool if you’re not part of the experience…my intellectual/theological musings. For those who might have to endure my thinking in person, it’s not so easy…I know; I’m sorry. I love you all! For some reason, things are always deeper than they need to be for me. But, maybe they are as deep as they really are? Hmmm…Yet, sitting here watching this BCS National Championship Game between the Auburn Tigers and Florida State Seminoles I […]

Famous Jameis Winston

Why Instant Replay in Baseball is a Bad Idea

“Of course I like it,” Maddon says. “I like flat-screen TVs with high definition. I like air conditioning in my 1956 Bel Air. I like computers. To just bury your head in the sand and just reference old-school all the time is really a poor argument.” – Tampa Bay Rays Manager Joe Maddon  I couldn’t disagree more. And, while some who disagree with instant replay might appeal to slowing down an already slow game, or […]

Instant Replay in Baseball

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