Derrick Coleman 2

Derrick Coleman 1You can certainly understand why this video went viral. Derrick Coleman has a truly inspiring story that can motivate you to do many things. Duracell hopes to showcase Derrick Coleman and his story, so people buy more Duracell batteries. It’s a well done video, but Derrick Coleman is not a battery powered machine, is he? So, does the story of a human really convince you to by Duracell over another brand of batteries?

Doesn’t work for me…maybe it works for you.

Yet, through the video, Derrick Coleman reveals a power that goes beyond a Duracell battery. The video and his life shows us the power of perseverance. Derrick Coleman demonstrates a persistence and endurance that overcomes struggle. And that is a Christian virtue.

James 1:12 said, “Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him.”

I couldn’t imagine the trials and tests Derrick Coleman had to endure on his way to the NFL. Yea, the ad goes into it a bit. But, how deep can you get in a minute?

HarbaughYet, the Duracell ad gives us enough to know it wasn’t easy. I mean, this is football. You know that tough, barbaric sport where bullying is seen as an acceptable workplace condition…where manliness is determined by how many concussions you endure…where coaches are known for foaming mouths and intense tirades.

Those of us who’ve played any sport at any level are familiar with the antics of some coaches. Could you imagine how Derrick Coleman must have been insulted by coaches and harassed by players? How hard it must have been for him to earn respect!

Yet, here he is…in the NFL…playing for the NFC Championship…a big piece to the Seahawks’ success.

Derrick Coleman reveals a power that goes beyond a Duracell battery. That power runs to the core of what it should mean to be human. He shows a faithfulness that endures despite those who throw insults. He shows a perseverance that stays strong in the face of the hurdles. No matter what life threw at him, Derrick Coleman had a belief that he too is created in the Image of God…and that image has value – even if he cannot hear.

In the end, the commercial might not make me buy Duracell batteries. But, the spirit of the commercial will. Just think: for Duracell to think of using Derrick Coleman for an advertisement says something interesting. Whether they knew it or not, they chose to celebrate qualities that the world tends to overlook. Yet, we shouldn’t overlook those qualities which truly make us great…for in our weakness (i.e. our own personal handicaps) we find strength.

Where do you find your strength?

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