On Aug. 29, 2005, the Gulf Coast – and New Orleans in particular – was ravaged by Hurricane Katrina. The low death toll estimate is 1800 people. The high estimate is 4081. It may not be that high…but, I doubt it is as low as the government states. Why would they want us to know how many people perished because of their neglect and ineptitude?

The Jewish Mantra has been – “Never Forget.” But, for some reason we (Black people) are quick to forget those atrocities inflicted upon our people. How many TV specials have you seen this week, remembering Hurricane Katrina and her victims? If not for Hurricane Gustav, do you think they would be any talk about Katrina?
Every September 11th, we are reminded of the atrocities of that day. We remember those whose lives were taken on that day. We are encouraged to remain vigilant against those things that led to (and caused) that day.

How many people died on that day? 2752.

2752 is only 952 more than the 1800 low estimate of Katrina deaths. And, 2752 is 1329 less than the 4081 high estimate of Katrina deaths.

The deaths caused by September 11th seemingly came from without. The deaths caused by Katrina – majority of them anyway – seemingly came from within. Against what should we be most vigilant?

Many have said: every great society is destroyed from the inside. Christ said: “it’s not that which goes into the body which defileth a man, but that which flows out of the body.” In other words, it’s not that which attacks us that will destroy us. It’s that which we do to ourselves.

And, because of our forgetfulness the Lord has sent Gustav as a reminder. 3 years after Katrina, we are still focused on the speck in our brothers’ eye – ignoring the log in our own. Our infrastructure still crumbles, yet we’re arguing over how best to strengthen the infrastructure of others. Will it take another 4000 lives?

Wake up – America – before it’s too late. I’m keeping my eyes open. May the Lord keep the city, that my watching be not in vain.


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