Travel Ban, Refugees & Christian Ethics

The Travel Ban has stirred a lot of trouble in Donald Trump’s Administration. And, Christians have joined the fray: arguing the positions of Conservatives or Liberals. But, how does the Gospel respond to the travel ban? And, what does the Gospel say to us Christians – regardless of political perspective. During Black History Month, I am […]

Travel Ban

The Lord’s Prayer Will Never Be the Same…

The Lord’s Prayer is one of the few prayers that is known by a majority of Christians. Even those who do not know it, are familiar with it. Even non-Christians are familiar with the the prayer Jesus taught His disciples. But, when is the last time you’ve really thought about this prayer? The Lord’s Prayer […]

lord's prayer

Wilderness Times Shouldn’t Scare You

Wilderness times come and go in our lives. We find ourselves in situations that we don’t understand…where we feel lost and confused…maybe even abandoned. The Lord allows us to go into the wilderness…into rough & confusing periods of life, for His purposes. If indeed all things work together for good for those who love the […]

Word of God Torture?

The Word of God is considered the supreme authority by many Christians. But is it? Many times people know and acknowledge the Word of God…even worship the Word, yet want nothing to do with the Word. The Word of God comes to torment you. But so many times we shy away from it like it’s […]