Common (the rapper who somehow became the voice for seemingly every commercial on TV) is reportedly dating Laura Dern. Now, I had no idea who Laura Dern is. I honestly had to Google her. But that’s not the point.

The point is the headline for the article I linked above:

‘She’s having fun and seeing where things go’: Laura Dern is ‘dating rapper Common and has already introduced him to her kids’

Now, I’ve always loved Common. After I uploaded all of my CDs to my computer (& sold them) and before my computer crashed and I lost all my music, I even had Can I Borrow a Dollar and every album Common has put out since then. When I had my college hiphop radio show, I was getting close to interviewing Common before I was expelled from the University of Delaware. I thought I was going to be an emcee and wrote a verse for a millennial sequel to his classic “I Used to Love H.E.R.” I called it: “I Used to Love H.E.R. TOO-thousand.” I thought I was “nyce.” Yet, I digress…

All that to say: I do hope their relationship is productive. I can’t say successful, because I don’t know if they’re meant to be together. And, neither do they. They don’t even know if they want to know if they’re meant to be together.

As crazy as that sounds, that’s the truth. The article quotes a source as saying, that Laura is “having fun and seeing where things go.” And that’s the problem.

When dating, we say we’re tired of “playing games.” Yet, in the typical dating game we “just have fun,” or we simply “see how things go.” But if we look at the sports world, no one does that!

And This is one of the Common Mistakes We Make in Dating

common super bowlSuper Bowl 50 is on the horizon. The Carolina Panthers will take on the Denver Broncos. Neither of those two teams started the season “just to have fun,” or to “see where things go.” None of the players went through the grueling preseason grind simply for kicks. If they had, they certainly would not be getting ready to play in the championship game, right?

They started with the end in mind. As they all say, “the goal is to win the Super Bowl.” From the beginning, they came together as a team in order to see if they could win a championship together.

For those teams that fell short, changes will be made. After realizing they don’t have what it takes in order to win a championship, they trade players, fire coaches, and get ready for the draft. The key thing is: they failed to win a championship. And except for the perennial bottom feeders (Cleveland Browns, and Oakland Raiders especially), winning a championship was the goal from the beginning.

You Shouldn’t Date for the Fun of It

Especially if you have children, the stakes are too high for you to date “for the fun of it.” And, so I would hope that Laura Dern wouldn’t simply be having fun. I would hope that Common, wouldn’t simply be seeing where things go when his lady’s children hang in the balance.

And beyond Common and Laura, I hope you don’t date simply to have fun and see where things go. I hope that you would play for a championship love. I hope that you would team up with the one with whom you can win a championship. And if you are with someone who you can’t win a championship with, I hope to see you gain the strength to break free from that relationship. I wrote a book to help you do this, which is on preorder now. But, you can download the report below this blog post to get started today.

You should be dating in order to find a championship love. You should be dating with purpose. Dating is hard…it’s tough. You know that without me telling you. So, why do that for fun? Why not date with purpose? Why not “play the game to win?” What do you think?


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