Faith and Politics

Now, faith is indeed an important thing. And, I do believe that our leaders should – themselves – be led by God, Who is superior to them. Yet, I cannot help but ask: is it sincere if you have to plan a forum where your spirituality is discussed?

Recently, the Democratic front-runners (Clinton, Obama & Edwards) participated in a faith and politics forum where there were asked about their prayer life, Bible reading, Church going, other matters of faith and how those played into their political decisions. To me it appears a bit contrived. If my faith is sincere, it should speak to you without a special forum. Wherever I am, about whatever I speak, you should be able to conclude that I am a man of faith.

People – do not be deceived – the Democrats have a strategy to demonstrate that the Republicans are not the only Party that goes to Church. Because President Bush wore his faith on his sleeve and that appealed to Bible Belt voters, the Democrats are now working to expose their faith. Many people can say many things, but we shall know them by their fruits.

I’m keeping my eyes open. May the Lord keep the city, that my watching be not in vain.


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