Advent 2017 Daily meditations

2 Samuel 6:12-19

So David went and brought up the ark of God from the house of Obed-Edom to the City of David with gladness. And there were with those bearing the ark of the Lord seven groups of singers, and a calf and a lamb for sacrifice. David played on well-tuned instruments before the Lord, and David put on a special garment. So David and all the house of Israel brought up the ark of the Lord with shouting and with the sound of the trumpet.

Do you see David’s joy?

Here is the king of Israel “shaqtin a fool!” He’s leading a parade: playing instruments and dancing and shouting!

And he’s doing all of this because the Ark of God is being brought into Jerusalem.

You see: homeland security is an important thing for any city. A city is a sacred place to any society. It is heavily guarded and well protected. In ancient times, there were strong walls with guards on duty around the clock, to protect the city from danger.

At its root: the establishment of the city was made by the ruler. And the fortifications of the city were meant to protect the one ruling on the throne.

By bringing the Ark of God into Jerusalem, David was acknowledging that Israel’s King is Israel’s God. David was declaring that God was the True King of Israel, and that it was God who made Jerusalem a sacred place.

After David became king over all of Israel and conquered Jerusalem, claiming it for his kingdom, he makes Jerusalem a strong city, “[a]nd he built the city itself round about the citadel…” He fortified the City of Jerusalem so that it became his stronghold. Then he proved homeland security by defeating the Philistines.

Then he went to bring the Ark of God back to the City of David.

And, yes – the City of David is Jerusalem. But the City of David is also David’s own soul.

So, David brought the King of kings into his soul with great fanfare and joy.

You see: the soul is another location that should be sacred…right?

It should be heavily guarded and well protected, with strong walls and guards on watch around the clock to protect it from danger.

The soul should be well-fortified and become the stronghold of your life…right?

And if so, it should also be a place where the ruler of your should can be protected. For, what king would stay in a city that’s vulnerable to invasion and to being overthrown? And how can you really rejoice when the king comes if you know the king cannot stay long – because the city isn’t safe?

Only when your city is safe can you receive the Holy One with great fanfare and joy – like David did. Only when you are able to defend your city from invasions by the enemy camped outside the city gate, will you be assured that the King can remain in your city.

Are you prepared to receive the King of kings? And are you able to receive Him with great fanfare and joy knowing that He is safe within your city walls?

Or do you know that the Lord can only visit you briefly – that your city is regularly overrun by the enemy?

The Lord is coming, brothers and sisters! Let us prepare the city within that we might receive Him with great joy!

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