Midterm Elections & False Hope

The midterm elections are the first test to the Trump Presidency…

That’s what everyone wants us to believe. Regardless of who you support…

If you’re pro-Trump, you’re energized to prove that support for Trump’s “America First” agenda and his execution of that agenda has not waned.

You agree with the narrative that the media is out to get Trump…that the “deep state” is coalescing against him, undermining his efforts to drain the swamp. You don’t believe his behavior to be an issue: his bigotry…his misogyny…his hubris…his estrangement from the truth. And you are determined to show the Liberals that the way of Trump is indeed the best way to “Make America Great Again.”

If you’re anti-Trump, you’re energized to prove that America is better than this.

You may completely disagree with everything Trump represents. You may think some of the issues have merit, but you abhor his behavior. You don’t approve of the crass language. You think the policies lack compassion. You are determined to show Trump and his supporters that making America great “again” is a false notion of some bygone period when America was the Kingdom of God, on earth as it is in heaven.

In both cases, you miss the point…

When critiquing American opposition to the Vietnam War, theologian William Stringfellow offers:

…The notion has been widespread that the death purpose evident in the war could somehow be undone if the war could be ended. But that is as false as it is naive; this Indochina war did not sponsor the moral power of death in American society. The war, rather, expresses, grotesquely, the moral presence of death which has always been in America, as in other principalities.

As I read that I couldn’t help but think about the widespread notion on the political Left that the vile vitriolic bigotry and misogyny of American society…the penchant to abuse of power…the endless scandals and lies that are as quintessential to American culture as apple pie, could somehow be undone if Donald Trump were impeached. Just like much of the American opposition to war, as Stringfellow notes, the hope of American redemption with the midterm elections is as false as it its naive; Donald Trump did not sponsor the moral decline and affection for sin in American society. Donald Trump and the Trump movement, rather, expresses, grotesquely, the moral presence of vitriolic sin which has always been in America, as in other principalities.

So no, White America…

The midterm elections won’t save you from the legacy of bigotry and misogyny that defines American notions of greatness and exceptionalism.

This is what it looks like to “Make America Great Again.”


Now, don’t get me wrong…

I’m not advocating not voting. I vote consistently…I vote in all elections. I use my sample ballot to prepare and research so that I can make an informed vote.


I just don’t expect any politician to faithfully imitate our Savior. So, I never mistake any of them for my savior…

But, I’m going to vote on that Tuesday in November. And I encourage you to vote too. Yes, it is a statement. It is a declaration. And it is a statement that needs to be made – loudly and clearly.

Nevertheless, you must remember…

Flipping the House blue won’t save America. Flipping Congress blue won’t redeem us. Flipping the Presidency…the Supreme Court, the entirety of American Government from one Party to the next will not make us into the Beloved Community.

And THAT should be our focus…Becoming Beloved Community.

Not becoming a Democrat – or Republican – controlled Government.

As if a Democrat controlled Government is necessarily better for people than a Republican controlled one…

I know…many of you will say it is. That it will be.

And on the surface, that might be true.

But Michelle Alexander already showed us how more Black people went to jail under 8 years of Bill Clinton than under 8 years of Ronald Reagan and 4 years of George H.W. Bush, combined.

And, we all can read (or watch) why President Obama was considered the “Deporter in Chief.


I often hear White liberals speak of a “return to normalcy.” (Fr. Cayce and I spoke about that on this episode of Racial Heresy.

But, “they” want to get Trump out of office and squash the Trump movement so we can return to civility.

But, how civil was it? Isn’t that the same mentality as “Make America Great Again”?


The reality is that eruption of bigoted and misogynistic rhetoric didn’t begin with President Trump. Rather, that level of bigotry and misogyny is something deeply embedded within the soul of our culture.

So, flipping political party won’t save our Society…

Only Jesus Christ can do that.

Now again, I’m not saying not to vote. I actually think people should vote – if for no other reason than the remain a citizen in good standing, as you file your complaint.

Yet don’t get it twisted – or be not confused (lol) – our hope should never be in any election, midterm or otherwise. Our hope should be surely rested on the Lord and in Becoming Beloved Community…practicing the Way of Love so that we might be found fit to enter the Heavenly Banquet.


You at least agree with that “in theory,” right?


The critical piece is always in actually doing that…

What is it that we are actually doing

What do we mean by Becoming Beloved Community?

Is it whatever I think it means? Is it something with more form and substance? Is it an abstraction? Or is it a tangible potentiality?


We gotta know that…

When you see all the hatred with which our Society has been slathered, the recent bombing plot is the latest flare up of a deeper and more insidious problem.

(Thanks be to God no one was hurt. May He give us eyes to see & ears to hear!)

And the cure to that problem is the Beloved Community. If only there were enough of us willing to become it…right?



What do you think?

Do you sense the false hope surrounding the midterm elections? Or, do you think that hope is well-placed?

What do you think of the idea of yes: voting and sending a message, while focusing on Becoming the Beloved Community that stands in opposition to Babylon?

Please let me know in the comments…

And if you’re curious about what that whole “Becoming Beloved Community in opposition to Babylon” thing means, click here and I’ll explain further


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