Before the ruling could even fully resonate, the battle was on to repeal. But before we celebrate and before we lament, let us reflect! What do we learn about our society in the wake of the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare? Let us meditate on that…


What do you think about taxing compassion? Can true compassion be rooted in a tax? What does it say about a society where a tax becomes necessary to ensure that the “least of these” are cared for?


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  1. A Davis 12 years ago

    great segment… people should know that the tax in the case of the affordable care act, is actually the penalty on anyone who has the resources and ability to pay for a health care plan, that chooses instead to not purchase health insurance.

    this will ensure that those who are able-bodied, do not continue to rely on the rest of us to pay for their health care in emergency situations.

    those who already qualify for public assistance are already set up in these programs, and those who should be in these programs, will have incentive to register and receive the proper preventive and other care that they need to survive.

    so that we are all in a better position to help ourselves, and to provide for those who need assistance, i am very much for the affordable care act.

    thank you for discussing this issue which affects so many!

    • Fr. Jabriel 12 years ago

      Thanks…it is indeed an important issue. For me, I care that the needy are helped…that the “least of these” are cared for. If that’s done through a tax or through compassion, so long as it’s done. However, as a person who hopes to see the best of humanity, I would love for the needy to be cared for through the compassion of others and not the coercion of government. It’s a sad state for humanity, when we must rely on government because we cannot rely on the goodness of people, don’t you think?


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