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In your speech Mr. President, explaining your veto of the stem cell research enhancement bill, you stated that “to destroy human life, in order to preserve human life is unethical.” You further stated that it was in fact “immoral.” I agree with that statement, and applaud your stance in the face of such opposition.

President Bush, I hope that in prayer you will see the merits of your statement. For, we destroy human life in Iraq – justifying it by stating that we must do so in order to preserve our lives – our freedom – here in America and in the land of our allies. As you said, “to destroy human life, in order to preserve human life is unethical.” Indeed, it is immoral. Your own words convict you and compel you to change course.

I’m keeping my eyes open. May the Lord keep the city, that my watching be not in vain.

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  1. Andrew 17 years ago


    The Catholic tradition in which I was raised gives a name to the position you espouse: ” Consistent Ethic of Life”. The late Cardinal Bernardin spoke of a “seamless garment.” Tolstoy, in his tome the “Kingdom of God is Within You,” which Gandhi named as one of the two most influential books in helping him to develop the concept of satyagraha, speaks of a similar, single strand of thought to guide our actions.

    At its core, we must acknowledge that all tortute and killing of a human person — from conception to natural death — is immoral. This blanket covers death that results from murder, war, abortion, euthanasia, and all other forms of violence.

    Thank you for applauding President Bush’s stance…and for pointing out the inconsistency of his philosophical justifications for taking life with one hand and giving it with the other…as if the right and left are ignorant of their companion’s actions.

    – Andy


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