Easter People Risen

I share my love by sharing the Word as the Spirit grants it to me, as best I can with everyone that I can. I share my love beyond the church by maintaining strong relationships with the unchurched, the spiritual not religious, and those on the margins of society. I recorded and published an album of poetry as a ministry to others who find themselves searching, hurting, questioning, broken. I maintain a strong social media network with that touches thousands.

I share my love within the church, when called upon, by standing for service in the councils of the church. Beyond standing for nomination to Executive Council, I work in my Diocese to lead efforts at racial reconciliation. I was appointed to serve serve on the Commission on Ministry and Clergy Events committee, helping to discern the will of the Spirit for those presenting themselves for Holy Orders, and nurturing my brother and sister clergy with events for continuing education.

In order to become more effective in its responsibility to proclaim resurrection, I believe the church must return to deep theological work on living in the newness of life granted to us by the Resurrection. I believe that we need a common belief that resurrection is something the church is invited to embrace in this life and not something for which we idly wait. It will remain difficult for the Church to proclaim resurrection when we have clerics who don’t believe in the Resurrection and a Church that appeases such views.

The resurrected life is a life on the Straight Way of Jesus Christ. And that straight way is the way of love. Yet to structure the Church in ways that help it become more effective in its responsibility to proclaim resurrection will take more than most want to bear. It will take an effort not unlike what we are witnessing in the efforts of His Holiness Pope Francis.

It will require us to truly love: to love God so much that what we believe truly matters, and love one another enough to ensure we all stay on the Way.


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