Kenya Moore seems to think so. Here’s a bit of what she said:

You own who you are, you have so much confidence. You’re in a place where you have a career, you have a place, you have money, at this point you should be successful.

The problem with this statement is that once you (female or male) have a career…have a place…have money…and are successful, you tend to have too much confidence. So much confidence that you “don’t need a man.” I know: many single women just responded, “I don’t need a man!”

Single Women Don’t HAVE TO Need a Man

The problem with that is when you don’t need a man, you also don’t need to compromise. “You know what works for you,” regardless of how bad for you what works for you, is for you! LOL

I am not saying you shouldn’t be confident. But, in a relationship it will never be all about what works for you. It must be about what works for you – both. I hope single women who don’t want to remain single women aren’t paying Kenya Moore too much attention. Her advice will keep most of you as single women.

You can’t play the game that way if you really want a Championship Love. And if you aren’t willing to change the game, then at least admit to yourself and others that you really wish to remain single women.

I don’t need to argue with Kenya Moore: maybe single women over 40 are the baddest on the planet. But if you really want a man single women, what has all of your “badness” won for you? Is your “badness” worth it? Or are you willing to change the game so you can find the love you want in your life?


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