Advent 2017 Daily meditations

Habakkuk 3:2-6

God will come from Teman,
The Holy One from the mount of shaded leafy trees…
His brightness will be like the light…
The earth stood and was shaken to and fro;
He looked and the nations melted away.
The mountains were shattered by force;
The everlasting hills wasted away.

Can you imagine standing before Him when He comes?!

Many of us have experienced that look from our mothers, or a grandmother…that look that reminds you how small you are and how easily your life could be in jeopardy! LOL

Do you remember that look?

If you do, I imagine you can feel the chills just by remembering it…right?

And even the remembrance of that look can serve to reform us. It can make us get our life together and do whatever, so we don’t have to experience that look.

Well, when the Lord looks at the nations, they melt away! His look carries a force that shatters the mountains and causes the everlasting hills to waste away.

Can you imagine standing before Him?

This is indeed frightening! But, it only remains frightening when we know we will remain estranged from God.

Standing before Him is awesome and causes astonishment – yes! But, it’s only terrifying if we intend on going our own way…if we are determined to be unrepentant and unforgiving.

And that’s the preparation: to find those areas where we are still unrepentant and diligently make recompense…to find those areas where we are still unforgiving and commit to being more gracious and merciful.

But how often do we really stop and take a look at ourselves?

We have a couple of weeks before He comes (in memory at Christmas – I ain’t making no prophecy about the Second Coming)!

Let us pretend that in this commemoration of the Incarnation we are actually preparing for the Lord to come! Can you at least identify the things you need to repent of and the people to whom you should repent? Can you also at least identify the things you need to forgive and the people you need to forgive so that you can be right with God?

May the Lord bless you with courage to look within that you might be ready to stand before Him!

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