What the people desired more than freedom was to be free from the Lord…

They were tired of the Lord correcting them. They were determined to hold onto their way. They ultimately got their wish.

The Lord had agreed to stand outside their camp. He would no longer stay in their midsts. He would no longer compel them to walk worthy of His call.

When they wanted to come to Him, they were welcome to come. Yet, He would not force Himself on them. So, if they wanted Him to stay out of their affairs: He stayed out of their affairs.

If find that reading the Exodus during these times of the violent flare up of white supremacy is quite compelling. As we are searching for the Mattering of Black Life and shouting that Black lives matter, I’m finding a lot of instruction from the Lord in the Book of Exodus.

What do we learn from them and how does it help us to enter into the Promised Land?

That’s been our exploration in these past few sessions of Bread for the Way, because the Black Experience in America is much like the Hebrew Experience in Egypt. The way out…the Exodus might provide some clues for how we can finally break from from White Supremacy and connect with the True Source of our Matter and Mattering.

In this session, we’ll look at Exodus Chapter 33. You might want to get familiar with it and begin to question it, in light of our experience.

Why, do you think, we – Black People – have pushed God out of our camp?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments. Then join us at 9:30AM EST for live sermon & discussion on JahBread TV.


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