Nonviolence has long been our way as Black people in America. It’s the way we have pursued justice in this Country. The way we have tried to persuade white America to do right by us.

To stop killing us…
To treat us equally…
To enact policies that demonstrate that Black Lives Matter…

I’m not saying nonviolence is a bad thing. Indeed it is a good thing. When considering the menu of responses to oppression and subjugation, nonviolence is a good deed that we offer unto humanity.

Yet what if using nonviolence as a tool of political action is the very thing that keeps us out of the Promised Land? What if using nonviolence in search of justice and equality is a waste of the power of that good deed?

Rooted in the Gospel according to St. Matthew, chapter 6, verses 1-5, that’s what we’ll explore in this session of Bread for the Way. Join us live for discussion at 9:30AM EST on Sunday, December 20, 2020 on JahBread TV.


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