Now the Israelites are DYING of thirst! They’re with the Lord God Almighty: the One Who had just freed them from 400+ years of bondage; the One Who had just made quail appear from nowhere…And bread fall from the sky.

But now they’re DYING of thirst!

So much so that they decided to fight with Moses, and curse the very God Who had delivered them.

Why would they behave that way?

And what does the Israelites behavior say to Black people who are thirsting for Justice?

We who are continuously trying to quench our thirst with things that only bring that thirst back with a vengeance. We who, every 50 years or so, are faced with Long Hot Summers. We get sooo thirsty that we are willing to Rage Against the Machine: even willing to risk exposure to a pandemic that’s disproportionately killing us…even when we should know by now that whatever water we get to drink, we will be dying of thirst in another 50 years or so…

What are we to learn from the Israelites thirst in the wilderness?

That’s our exploration in this meditation from Exodus 17:1-7. Join the discussion live on JahBread TV at 9:30AM EST, Sunday, September 27, 2020. Click the link and set a reminder! I hope to see you live…


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