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Pregnant on Christmas…

A pregnant girl is the focus of our preparations for Christmas. If not for Mary, there’d be no Child born unto us. Despite being an unwed teen mother, Mary comes to rejoice at her situation. And so, we give thanks that she was chosen to be made pregnant with the Lord, for our salvation. We All Should Be Pregnant We should all give birth to the Word of God. We should all be inspired by […]

Pregnant Teen

Christmas Greetings: Making Nice with the Dead

Even as a priest, I almost lost my Christmas Spirit. Somewhere among all the Holiday Parties, TV commercials and my interactions with others, preparing for “the Season,” I just couldn’t take it. You see – as you know: in our politically correct world, you can’t talk about Christ in the workplace, or at school. And, this conditions us to remove Christ from all public conversation. I mean, even Christian clergy give “ecumenical prayers,” which don’t […]

Christmas Cure for Culture

Ferguson and the Failure of the Black Elite

Life is about story…the story people ascribe to themselves. The story that gives meaning to a people. Modern Jews have the Holocaust and their deliverance. It defines their identity and gives them a sense of purpose. The Black American experience has also been a Exodus-type story. Dr. Albert J. Raboteau said that “No single story captures more clearly the distinctiveness of African-American Christianity than that of the Exodus.” Exodus gave our people hope that we […]

Tupac Said It: Keep Ya Head Up

We always talk about the cycle of violence. You know, that global cycle of violence that is played out in the ‘hood and favela, the shanty town and the slum, at home and abroad. It results in war and rumors of war…global wars and domestic wars.  With all the advances in technology, the only solution the powers that be can provide is more war. We have wars on terror and wars on crime…wars on drugs […]

Tupac Keep Ya Head Up

New Years Eve 2013: From Resolution to Apathy

It is that time again, folks! New Years is upon us. It’s time to make resolutions that will be broken in a few days, weeks or months. I know: kind of cynical eh? But you know it’s true. Think about all the resolutions you’ve made over the years…all the habits you would break…all the new habits you would build. Most of these New Years resolutions revolve around healthy lifestyle changes. Such changes are great, on their […]

New Years Eve King David Praise

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