Racism in America: Why Can’t We Get Rid of It?

With the election of Barack Obama as President of the United States, many wanted to claim that racism in America had been defeated. We thought we had achieved something great. Blacks and Whites of good will were filled with pride. That pride brought us a sense of accomplishment. And we took time to relax and […]

Racism in America- Why Can’t We Get Rid of It-

Christmas Greetings: Making Nice with the Dead

Even as a priest, I almost lost my Christmas Spirit. Somewhere among all the Holiday Parties, TV commercials and my interactions with others, preparing for “the Season,” I just couldn’t take it. You see – as you know: in our politically correct world, you can’t talk about Christ in the workplace, or at school. And, […]

Christmas Cure for Culture

Ferguson and the Failure of the Black Elite

Life is about story…the story people ascribe to themselves. The story that gives meaning to a people. Modern Jews have the Holocaust and their deliverance. It defines their identity and gives them a sense of purpose. The Black American experience has also been a Exodus-type story. Dr. Albert J. Raboteau said that “No single story […]

Poor People: A Disease no Christian Would Touch?

Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead… I’ve read that passage many times before. It seems so plain, right? I mean…miraculous – yes. Here is a man, Lazarus, who had be dead. The mystery that reveals, I tried to capture in a poem I describe here. You can listen to a sample of that poem and […]

Poor People and Raising Lazarus

Black Organizations and Sacred Cows

An older brother came out his coat on me a few days ago. No…that’s not a metaphor or a euphemism. I mean that literally: he sat upright, eyes bulged out and exclaimed, “I take offense to that, now,” as he ripped off his coat! All this at a conference for the Church. #MercyLord This week, […]

Sacred Cows must die