Where is the House of the Lord

I’m saying: what does God need with a house? The One Who exists outside of time and space…the One Whom nothing can contain. What use does God have for a house?

But, Sunday after Sunday folk come into church saying: “I was glad when they said unto me, let us go into the house of the Lord.” But, when you enter the church have you really entered the house of the Lord?

People act like church is their final destination. It’s like they’ve arrived…they’ve reached their zenith. And now, they can rest from their labors. So, they sit in church comfortably.

And since church is the destination in the eyes of many, the battle has been to make that destination more and more appealing. Like tourist attractions, churches are getting bigger and bigger…more and more glamorous. So many make a bigger house. Others who can’t afford to build a bigger house, seek to better decorate the house. If they can’t get a bigger house or decorate it better, then the move is to have better attractions in the house. They need better music, more entertainment…something to make the house more inviting.

But the church isn’t the house of the Lord.


There is a house. Jesus Christ came to build that house. But, that house isn’t any of the buildings you pass by or enter in on Sundays.

Don’t get me wrong: we need the house of the Lord. We need His shelter. We need the safety and security found in His house. When we look around our Society and see all the chaos, our hearts cry out for the house of the Lord. With police and thieve in the streets, and no one trying to stop their madness, where else can we go, but to the house of the Lord?

I want to talk to you about the house of the Lord…where you find that house and how you enter His house. The house of the Lord is being built, and it truly is glorious! Listen to this so you can find the entry to the Lord’s house.

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