police brutality

Police brutality has long been a problem in American Society. It just has exploded in the mainstream media recently, causing Progressives to rally around the cry that “#BlackLivesMatter.”

When Jesus stood in the Temple to read from the prophecy of Isaiah, He declared that the Spirit of the Lord was upon Him…that He had ben sent to preach the Gospel to the poor.

We look at that passage, and think it is simple enough. Clearly (we think), the Lord is leading us to be agents of social activism. Or is He? Who really are these poor that Isaiah is talking about and Jesus quotes?

When they speak of the poor, Isaiah, and Jesus, are not talking about those who have a checking and a savings account with all their money in the savings! (If you don’t know that reference to comedian Kevin Hart, click here.) When Jesus and Isaiah refer to the poor in this passage, they are not necessarily speaking of people who are broke. Rather, they are speaking of those who have lost another kind of wealth…they are poor way beyond money.


Police Brutality reveals the poverty of our Society

Put police brutality up against the report on CIA torture and you are faced with the reality of domestic and international use of excessive force. That is poverty.

But police brutality is just a marker…pointing us to our poverty. And this is a poverty we all share. All of us are poor.

So, what does all of that mean? Well…listen to my latest sermon to learn more.


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