Communion and Reconciliation

Communion is supposed to be more than just a cracker and grape juice. It’s at least supposed to be bread and wine. But it should be the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ.

Yet if communion is the Body and Blood of Christ, shouldn’t it be more powerful? If communion is the Body and Blood of Christ, it should be able to change lives…it should be able to change the world. But, millions of people take communion every Sunday, and the world is still a crappy place.

Communion is a waste of time

Could that be the case? Or could something else be the reason that the Church is powerless in the world?

I mean, for communion to be a waste of time the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ would have to be powerless! And, if communion is powerless they why waste time doing it? What would be the point?

Communion is either powerful or powerless…there is no grey area with that. If it is powerful then with millions of people taking communion every week, the world should be a better place, right? Maybe that’s idealistic. But the idea that God would come in the flesh, and die on a cross for our salvation: is that not an idealism?

If you don’t want idealism then fine: communion is nothing more than bread and wine. But if you believe that the Christian faith should be more, then communion must be more. And if it is more, there must be a reason that it is powerless.

Communion is powerless because of us. It is powerless because we do not really consider it to be the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ. We might say that…we might even think we believe that. Yet, if we truly believed that the bread and wine we eat and drink in communion was the Body and Blood of Christ, would we eat and drink in an “unworthy manner?”

What is an unworthy manner? And, what is a worthy manner? During Lent, we will study how to get to that “worthy manner.” I invite you to join us! In the meantime, hear me out and let me know what you think:

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