Peaceful Protest is a myth

I must say: I’ve had enough!

With all the ridiculous police brutality in this Country, I’m tired of seeing the reactions and hearing the responses. So, this will be short:

Peaceful Protests are NOT acceptable!

I’m listening to the CNN coverage of the killing of Freddie Gray in Baltimore, and I’ve heard the same thing being said that’s always said in these circumstances: reporters, public officials and (chosen) community leaders all urging peaceful protests. Essentially requesting that protests remain ineffective.

It’s as if they say: we want you to express yourselves, but we don’t want anything to really change. Things are fine the way they are, but we know you need to blow off some steam so you can go back to business as usual.

Peaceful Protest mythicalJesus didn’t come in peace, so why should we? The gains of the Civil Rights Movement weren’t made by peaceful protests. There was nothing peaceful about sit-ins. The Freedom Rides weren’t a peaceful protest. The march in Selma, over Edmund Pettus Bridge, wasn’t peaceful. And they were effective. So why are we now abandoning the protest tactics that worked?


I went off on a rant about this, and offer it as a bit of perspective, because #BlackLivesMatter (truly…not figuratively)

“No Justice. No Peace!”

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