Since 1865, we’ve had the freedom to fight for our humanity. That’s over 155 years of struggle as a “free people.”

Since 1965, we’ve had the right to vote “restored” to us as a tool in the fight for our humanity. For more than 50 years, we’ve had the tools of democracy to aid our struggle for freedom.

Still, in 2020 the cry is “Black Lives Matter.”

Ours indeed has been and continues to be an experience of grief, regret, trouble, care, pain, anxiety…

Yes…sorrows that we all share as members of the human family. Yet, sorrows that are made unique by the addition of Blackness to the equation. No?

What have we done with that sorrow? What has that sorrow produced? Are you pleased with the fruit of our collective sorrow as Black people?

I know I’m not…

Our sorrow seems to beget more sorrow. The Word says that “weeping may last for a night, but joy comes in the morning.” Yet, morning remains elusive. It never seems to come…

All that is left is sorrow. And the promise of more sorrow. And we reconcile ourselves unto sorrow, seeing that sorrow as the only thing that is ours which cannot be taken away.

What are we to do with this sorrow? What should all this sorrow do for us? Why should we be reconciled to wait for the “Great By and By” before our sorrow turns to joy?

There must be something valuable in all this sorrow. For it is still true that what man intended for evil, God uses for good.

Doesn’t that mean we are misusing our sorrow?

Why? And how do we stop?

We’ll look at that in this coming session of Bread for the Way on JahBread TV at 9:30AM EST, Sunday, December 6, 2020. Join us LIVE for the Word & discussion!


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