The Mattering of Black Life is dependent upon our growing the self-love needed in order to realize our restoration to the imago Dei. In other words, for Black Lives to Matter there must be Black Redemption.

It’s a Black Man Redemption…like Bob Marley say:

But many wanna stop it…and they do their best to pacify us, keeping Black people in alignment with the status quo. Like the scribes and Pharisees – the cultural and religious leaders of the Jews under Roman Authority, Black mis-leaders tempt us to embrace a faith that reinforces Black inferiority.

We’ve seen it most recently from none other than President Barack Obama. Again, he dismisses the spiritual efficacy of the Black Church and the witness to the Gospel of the Black Experience. We spoke about it in our recent episode of Blacks with Power:

It’s part of that heretical way which has kept us in bondage to white supremacy more securely than slavery ever could. And it perpetuates because we don’t even believe in the reality of heresy…

We don’t believe that heresy is real. We don’t believe that heresy is present…that it has presence. We do not even consider heresy.

That word is something that exists way “out there.” We’ve been convinced that all the heresies occurred in ancient times, and somehow now we are free from those errors. And like we discussed in last week’s session of Bread for the Way, we – Black people – have embraced the heresies of white supremacy with gusto!

So why ought we be concerned with heresy and what are we to do about its existence? What are we to do about the presence of heretics and heretical teaching? And why should those concern us?

That’s our topic in this session of Bread for the Way, rooted in the Book of Jude. Join us LIVE on JahBread TV, Sunday, November 29, 2020 at 9:30AM EST and lend your thoughts to the discussion!


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