A Fortress to protect from Government Corruption

Government corruption is a problem that causes despair in the people. I mean, as we look at Ferguson and wonder why the people failed to vote, we can blame some of it on apathy. But, much of it is due to a history of corruption that beat the hope out of people and fostered that apathy.

Everywhere, government corruption has run amuck. Politicians and other officials continuously caught in scandal. Police brutalizing those they are charged to protect. Corporate interests coopting government, making the system work for them – and against the people. It all seems hopeless.

But government corruption isn’t our fate.

And, it isn’t the message of the Gospel. The joy of the Incarnation comes to us, making us able to overcome the corruption we see in the world!

We must embrace that joy and be overwhelmed by that joy. We must rejoice always, if we indeed are to see the salvation of God!

I was in my homeland of the Virgin Islands for Christmas and had the opportunity to preach at the Cathedral Church of All Saints. We are drowning in government corruption, but the fortress of the City of God stands to defend the people and infect the world with joy of the Coming One.

This government corruption isn’t particular to the Virgin Islands. Read your papers, watch your news wherever you live. You’ll find the same is true for you. Wherever we are, the joy of the Incarnation is a reminder to us of the Child that is born and Son that is given. True authority rests with Him, and He has clothed us with the garments of salvation! How can we not rejoice?

Come let us adore Him Who has come into the world! And, having adored Him let us infect the world with our rejoicing!

I offer my Sunday sermon and would love your response:

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