Back when I was in high school, during exams all my friends and peers would be cramming…

Sitting in the halls, in the classrooms, in the school yard…studying one last time. Making sure whatever they had forced into their heads was still there. Making sure those difficult facts/figures hadn’t slipped their memories.


I had my headphones on, playing music. Just vibezing…

Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes had a song, “If You Don’t Know Me By Now.” When I got good and annoying, I would adapt that song to my purposes: “If you don’t know this by now…you will never, never, never know it…”

(I know now how much of an assholish move that was. I pray my peers can forgive me.)

Yet, if there’s one thing we as Black people should know by now it’s that Western Civilization…that White Society does not live as if it believes Jesus Christ will come again.

The Black Experience in America and throughout the world bears witness to that reality. The experience of Indigenous people throughout the world bears witness to that reality.

Their treatment of the environment. Their attention to creation care. Their regard for the Life of the World, demonstrates they do not really believe that Christ will come again.

If we don’t know this by now…we will never, never, never know it…

Don’t you know this by now?

But what do you do with this knowledge? How are you shaped by this knowledge? How do you shape those under your care, because of this knowledge?

We will be discussing 2 John in this session of Bread for the Way. What is the single greatest way that St. John’s instructions to the Church connects with you at this stage of our journey in America?

Join us live at 9:30AM EST on Sunday, November 1, 2020 on JahBread TV and stay for the live Q&A session afterwards!


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