The election is over – for now…

Until Donald Trump makes his next move and incites renewed chaos, many Americans are breathing a sigh of relief. Some are euphoric. I even saw some folk crying…

Much of the media is talking about the role Black voters played in many areas. Folk are saying that “Black people saved America.”

We talk about it more in this episode of Blacks with Power:

But saved America from what? And…saved America for how long?

Because we should know that white supremacy isn’t dead…right? We should know a Biden victory doesn’t mean an end to White supremacy, right?

I mean: it wasn’t a resounding victory. The GOP Gained seats in the House. The GOP retained control of the Senate…for now at least.

And while politics is definitely not the goal of faith, politics does gives good insight as to what people believe. And what they believe gives us insight into how they will live.

So what does the election tell us – spiritually?

What does the election tell us about the work of making Black Lives Matter in America?

That’s our exploration in this session of Bread for the Way! Join the discussion live, Sunday, November 8, 2020 at 9:30AM EST on JahBread TV.


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