Undeserved Suffering & Justification by Faith

If Jesus Christ came to save us from sin and deliver us from evil, why do we still suffer? And, why in the world are we supposed to rejoice in our suffering?

St. Paul tell us to glory in our suffering. He says that suffering produces a never-failing hope which guides us into all truth and helps us to live faithful lives.

Though we might not want to deal with the problem of suffering, it is a reality that will always be with us. Sometime in the week after you read this, you will experience some form of suffering…it may be mild, it may be major. Either way, it will be present. So how are we to handle suffering? How do we explain that suffering exists?

Based upon Romans 5:1-5 & John 16:12-15, Fr. Jah Bread answers those questions. Like what you hear? Fr. Jah Bread is available for spiritual direction: http://ow.ly/ltUCq

What are your thoughts on suffering?




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