Because the Broad Ain’t Have No Books…

Ok, yea…the title kinda hits right in the mouth. But, it had to be said! And, I don’t make a habit of calling a woman “out her name,” but feel me on this! I beg your indulgence… It’s happened on a few occasions, and it’s always quite frustrating. You find a sister who piques your […]

This Roller Coaster is No Fun…

I say all the time: life is a roller coaster; there are ups and downs, twists, turns and loops. You will scream, laugh, cry and shake. You will close your eyes in fear, and open them wide just the same. Yet, at the end you want to smack your partner a high-five and say: That […]

The Curse of Independence

Will we ever find happiness? What about joy? Is it even possible? I swear, when I step outside of myself and any situations I must admit: Willie Lynch was a helluva guy! He worked a number on us. And, the Slave Masters that followed his principles must be congratulated by the power structure. This is […]

To Be, Or Not To Be (Honest)…That’s the Question!

Now, lemme preface these postings. I realize that what I say might have a tendency to cause some to think I’m referencing them. Sometimes I may be, sometimes I mightn’t be. Yet, at NO TIME is anything that I say meant to be a slight to any female out there! Much of my material is […]

Blog Cry…

I can’t see ’em coming down my eye, so I gotta make this blog cry… (Thanks Jigga) This “Relationships” category has been a long time coming and long overdue. Years ago (2002/2003), I used to write a column for a now-defunct St. Louis news-magazine called The Flipside. It was going well until their “marketing genius” […]