I say all the time: life is a roller coaster; there are ups and downs, twists, turns and loops. You will scream, laugh, cry and shake. You will close your eyes in fear, and open them wide just the same. Yet, at the end you want to smack your partner a high-five and say: That was a helluva ride.

But, this roller coaster is no fun…

Brothas, you know what I’m talking about. Sistas, feel me on this…

The ups and downs of this whole relationship thing are out of control. One minute a sister is heads over heels for you and in the blink of an eye, she can’t stand you. Then, two hours later it’s like nothing ever happened…and she’s wondering why YOU are acting strange.

The old timers would say: “son, you’ll never understand a woman.” Bill Cosby would advise men to simply “play deaf.” There was even a sitcom that tried to teach us to simply say, “Yes, Dear.”

Nevertheless, this roller coaster is no fun…

You know those old rickety roller coasters, where it’s painful to ride. Space Mountain in Disney World is like that. It hits the corners way too hard. By the time you exit the dome, you feel as if you’ve suffered a massive case of whiplash.

It’s sort of like that, isn’t it?

We endure wide mood swings, and then sistas wonder why a man is so distant. Again, brothas just want to be able to be safe with their woman. All day long we play the game: shucking and jiving, being thrown for a loop on the job, being jerked around by the twists and turns, screaming, laughing, crying (even if in secret), and shaking to contain the frustration. When we get off the ride, we want to be able to come to you – come to our children – smack everyone a “high-five” and know that the ride was worth it.

But, this roller coaster is no fun…

And, it’s like sistas have been programed to be the enemy too. So, the roller coaster never ends and brothas find themselves in a never-ending series of loops. It’s like that old childhood song that was cool for the first thirty-seconds but quickly became quite annoying. Remember: “This is the song that doesn’t end…yes it goes on and on my friends…some people started singing it not knowing what it was, but they will keep on singing it forever just because…” AHHHHHH!!!!!

I’m telling you – this roller coaster is no fun…

You would think brothas would simply stop getting on the ride. There must be a roller coaster out there that is fun, right? But, everytime I go to Disney World I still want to ride Space Mountain. And, everytime I ride it I regret it. Still, like crack fiends, brothas keep coming back for more. It’s like the child at the amusement park who throws up on a ride, and throws up again, but continues to subject himself to the tyranny of insanity.

I want off…this roller coaster is no fun!


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