Little Child Humbles You

Children work your nerves sometimes.

When I talk to my dad about the things I experience from my son, trying to be a good father, he often says that my son is just “doing his job.” “It’s his job to work your nerves. It’s your job to not let him!”

And away things go: adults trying their best to not be overrun by children. Parents, teachers, and community authorities, all try to keep children at bay and preserve their sanity.

Playdates abound where children get together and go wild, while parents drink merlot and discuss their latest struggles. For as long as most of us can remember, parents send their children outside: not so much for those children to get exercise, but so those children could be out the house and the adults could have peace and quiet. And who has never played the “quiet game?”

Yet Jesus calls His disciples to receive the little child that has been placed among them

By receiving the little child, Jesus says we receive Him. But what does that mean?

When so much of our culture tries to put children in their place and keep them there, it is incredibly hard to consider receiving the little child. Nevertheless, this is what we must learn to do if we wish to receive the Kingdom of God. And this is the point of todays message: receiving the little child.

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