Wilderness Temptation

War in the StreetsThere’s a war going on outside, no man is safe from…you can run but you can’t hide forever…you walking with your head down, scared to look! Mobb Deep tried to told ya! Jesus tried to warn you too. But, no one really wants to face the reality of war, and how the enemy fights this war.

War is at Your Doors!

Whether you like it or not, this is something you just have to face. So, how will you face it? How will you fight it? How will you even know what and when to fight?

When a fighter is preparing for a match, he studies his opponent. He watches tape of other battles. He reads his opponent’s tendencies, so that when he’s in the ring he’s prepared for his enemy. He knows he’s going into a fight, and doesn’t go into the battle unprepared.

Yet, many Christians are caught in a war they don’t even believe is really going on. The enemy has deceived them, and they remain stuck in their sickbeds, covered by sin.


How do You Fight this War?

Are you studying? Are you fasting and praying? Are you testing the spirits to know they are God? Or are you simply trusting that whatever you hear in Church and from the pastor is legit?

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